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Swedos Creative Design services are available nationally and priced per task, I also offer national Driving and Delivery Services - please see my driving page for more information.

Computer/Tech Phone Support and Visits are available between 10am and 10pm Monday - Saturday.

Please visit www.seetechmoreclearly.uk/servicearea.html for more information about our tech services.

Please use my Enquiries page to make a booking or enquire further

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Home Tech Services Driving Services Design Services Locations Enquiries Terms & Info

Service Area

See Tech More Clearly/Swedos services are available throughout the county of Dorset and surrounding areas shown on this map.

All services are available in other locations within the UK by request.

Charges for deliveries are based on the blue green and red zones, or a flat rate.

Are available throughout the UK (Visits by request) or internationally if all services can be provided online.

Please visit see this page for more information about our tech services