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Graham Hardy is a Sole Trader and has been operating under the name of Swedos/Shall We Do Something?/STMC-Swedos Since 2006 from Wareham in Dorset.  Originally Graham was due to set up a social activity network providing activities for adults across the UK but this wasn’t viable. Instead Graham used the name “Shall We Do Something?” (Swedos) to develop a brand that meant personal affordable friendly support and assistance, providing a whole range of different services including assistance with computers and technology, delivering phone books, working for a nursery delivering hanging baskets all over the UK to garden centres, designing posters brochures and promotional material for businesses and community groups, and even DJing in a local pub.

Gradually as markets changed Graham focused more and more on the IT side of his business activities, and is slowly and steadily moving away from the old “Swedos” name and instead focusing on developing a new brand #SeeTechMoreClearly which in itself explains his main focus; helping others to make the most of their computers tablets phones and other technology, specialising in Microsoft #Windows10Devices but offering support with other devices associated with Apple, Android, and Amazon too.

New “See Tech More Clearly” domain names were launched in 2018, and the original site was divided into two in 2020 to better provide information (and directly advertise) all the services Graham provides.

Before becoming self employed, Graham had a 30 year career in travel tourism recreation and leisure in various management roles, where he built an excellent reputation for high standards of customer care and being able to explain things clearly.  Between 2004 and 2005 Graham suffered a difficult time when his father became terminally ill and made the difficult decision to resign from his employment to be able to spend more time with his family. His interests in technology were encouraged by his father who was a technical author working in the defence industry, and who often brought computers and devices home to work and play with. Find out more about Graham’s own experiences with technology here.

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