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Computer, Phone, Tablet + TV recording/streaming device Support from Graham Hardy See Tech More Clearly #Dorset #England
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See Tech More Clearly
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Using technology should be simple, fun, and enable you to do things in life more easily. There are so many different devices now, it sometimes feels like you will never keep up. Perhaps you have a laptop or desktop computer, a tablet, and a smartphone or even a “dumb” phone for simply making and receiving calls and texting, but add to that a TV and perhaps a way of recording TV or downloading music and films and it can all get a little complicated.

Our Proprietor, Graham Hardy has spent the last 14 years assisting and helping clients make the most out of their technology including helping with the understanding and use of computers, tablets and phones, as well as advising on choices for TV consumption and media streaming in the UK

See Tech More Clearly offers the following services:

  1. Telephone and help by WhatsApp, Skype or Remote Assistance (Special Covid-19 Rate)
  2. Discuss your technical needs according to the technology you currently use and advise on options and upgrades available.
  3. Assistance with purchasing a new device online or from a physical store, then set it up, configuring Windows 10, Android or iOS or macOS to suit your needs.
  4. Help with learning more about technology and getting the most from it, such as configuring Microsoft, Apple, Google or Amazon accounts, removing software or programs that are longer used, or downloading new programs/apps to make life easier, and configuring and assisting with using features such as OneDrive or iCloud to synchronise content across devices to enable sharing photos and files easily.
  5. Tweak systems so that they run more smoothly, removing temporary clutter and defragmenting and optimising computer hard drives or the storage on mobile devices so that data is stored more effectively, as well as advising on best practice to ensure computers and devices stay up to date and safe.
  6. Provide online telephone or support over Skype or WhatsApp, and offering remote control for Windows Devices, to help you with any problems or to offer training.
  7. (Currently only in an emergency) meet in person and provide one to one support to learn more about the devices and technology used on a daily basis, how to use it, or resolve security problems such as failing email or malware and virus infections.

During the current Corona Virus Pandemic priority is given to providing our services remotely by telephone, email, Skype, WhatsApp or direct connection and control to Windows Devices, charged at the special rate of £10.00 per hour.

Covid-Safe (emergency) visits are now available, or if you are sheilding, device or equipment upgrades are available if an item can be collected from a safe place and taken to our base for the work to be carried out and returned, charged at £20.00 per hour.

Emergency support visits in person are only available in situations where our staff, the clients they are visiting and those they reside with do not show symptoms of Corona Virus. There is no charge for travel to properties located within 40 miles of our base near Wareham in Dorset. Personal visits are charged at £20.00 per hour.

Please contact us today to enquire further.

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