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Following on from providing multi-drop delivery services for Northfield Nursery delivering hanging baskets (flowers) all over the UK for many years for a few weeks over Easter, I have built up a good knowledge of locations and roads all over England and Wales.

I have also worked with Thomson Local and BT delivering phonebooks locally and I provide luggage and bicycle transfer services occasionally for clients of The Carter Company enjoying cycling holidays in Dorset.

I now offer the following driving and delivery services:

All services are provided Covid-Safe - see below

These are provided on an occasional basis
with three different options:

Deliver single items weighing no more than 20lbs/10Kilos sized 1M2
Charged at £20/hr +Fuel and insurance.


Deliver multiple items weighing no more than 20lbs/10Kilos sized 1M2
Travelling a total distance of no more than 60 miles (including returning hire van)
Total duration no more than 3 hours.

Charged at £45 per hour including fuel and insurance

As for option 2 above but with a daily mileage limit of 300 miles
and working hours of up to 10 hours per day including legal breaks of up to two hours

Charged at £100 per day + Fuel and Insurance (unless fuel and insurance are provided by customer)

Confirmation of delivery is provided by text and/or email

Charges are invoiced for payment within 15 days of completed delivery by card or cheque.

Please use my Bookings & Enquiries page to make a booking or enquire further.


In response to Covid-19 requirements my transfers are now Covid-Safe with the following precautions:

1) I maintain a clean vehicle, wiping down touch-surfaces each trip with anti bactericidal wipes, washing hands thoroughly when leaving home or using hand sanitizer between jobs if I am on the road, and maintaining social distancing in public areas.

2) I wear mask and gloves when transferring luggage between my vehicle and venues, including inside buildings.  [I do not drive wearing a mask.]

3) There is no transfer of paper documents; confirmations are shown on my phone to staff at addresses I am collecting from or delivering to.

4) Gloves are disposed of securely following each transfer.

Cancellations due to Covid-19

Should a client need to cancel a transfer, even at short notice, because of Covid-19, there will be no charge.

Should I discover I am infected or have symptoms, I will not be able to provide transfers and will self-isolate for 14 days. I will inform any clients affected within 24 hours.

Loading a van with hanging baskets ready for delivery around the UK from Northfield Nursery in the New Forest.

When driving for the nursery I typically leave home at 5am, delivering to several different garden centres, and returning to the nursery to collect and load up for the next day, or I travel to the nursery and collect a load to be delivered that day.

The nursery provides about 20,000 hanging baskets per season to a variety of independent garden centres and chains.

Please visit northfieldnursery.co.uk for information about their services.

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Enquire between 9am and 9pm for a quote within two hours, or receive a quote within 24 hours at other times. Deliveries are usually available at short notice for arrival same or next day for most of England & Wales or within two days  north of Sheffield or Manchester