See Tech More Clearly + Swedos Driving & Delivery

See Tech More Clearly from Graham Hardy in Dorset offers simple easy to understand help and assistance with computers, tablets and phones including the following services:

  1. Help with getting the most out of devices running Windows 10, OSX/MacOS, Android,
    iOS, and Amazon Fire Tablets.
  2. Find the best way for YOU to use your devices.
  3. Synchronise content across your computer, tablet(s) and phone(s) including emails, contacts, and photos and linking with cloud services such as OneDrive, Google Drive iCloud or Dropbox.
  4. Keep your devices safe by installing the latest updates and security measures.
  5. Investigate why things are running slowly and remove viruses and infections if required.
  6. Advise and assist with buying new devices or upgrading to Windows 10, then transferring data and setting up the device as required.

All work is currently prioritised towards telephone and remote help via Skype, WhatsApp or direct connection charged at £10.00 per hour.

Services are available in person in emergency only 40 miles from our base in Wareham, Dorset at £20/hour

Work is invoiced by email for payment by debit or credit card within 15 days.

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Clear help with computers, tablets, phones and TV
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Windows Android/Amazon Apple TV/Media
Help with computers, laptops & tablets running Windows 10, 8/8.1 or Vista Help with phones and tablets running Android and Amazon Fire Tablets Help with Apple iPhones and (iPad) Tablets running iOS  and Mac/MacBook computers running OSX or macOS Advice and help with choosing TV/Music recording and streaming services.

We can assist with the setting up and use of equipment such as Freeview TV, FreeSat TV,
BT TV, Amazon Fire TV, Sky Now, Roku TV, Rakuten TV, Sonos Speakers, Amazon Alexa, Google Nest and Google Home.

Help is also available to assist with choosing the right music purchasing or streaming services to suit your requirements from using Microsoft Groove Music or Windows Media Player or setting up and configuring apps such as Amazon Music, Spotify or other services.