See Tech More Clearly Special Offers


Valid from Fri 11/09/20 until 30/11/20

See Tech More Clearly is continuing to operate during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Claim 15 minutes of free telephone support
by mentioning BING during the call between 11/09/20 and 30/11/20 if you found
See Tech More Clearly via the Bing website (or

Your name, phone number and email and email address will be retained to enable See Tech More Clearly to provide you with occasional free email updates in future, which you may opt out of at any time in future by emailing us.  

This offer may only be used ONCE
by new customers.

In accordance with our terms and conditions your details will only be used for occasional support information and will not be used for marketing in any other way or shared with anyone else.

COVID-19 Corona Virus

#Stay Home

#Stay Safe

#Stay Well

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