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Support for Windows Vista ended on 11th April 2017 and Support for Windows 7 Ends Soon.

Are you still using Windows XP?  Do you need to move away from Windows Vista?  Windows 10 is easier quicker and more fun to use than Windows 7 or 8.

Why Upgrade?

As you continue to use older devices such as Laptops, computers, iPhones, Chromebooks, they gradually begin to get slower and the apps and programs you use require updating to prevent them from failing as technology evolves.  Also if you use a number of devices made by different companies that feature different operating systems, as you get older it gets more and more complicated to remember how to do things.  For example if you use an Apple iPad, a Google Android SmartPhone and a Windows computer, it can get really confusing maintaining three relationships with Apple, Google and Microsoft and working out which of their services you want to use and link on each device.

Windows 10 makes it simple!  OK perhaps you won’t have a Windows Phone as they aren’t very popular, but if you have a Windows 10 Computer, a Windows 10 Tablet and perhaps even an Xbox One too - ALL data on all three devices could be synchronised and all you have to do is sign in with one password or PIN number.  If you do choose to keep an iPhone or Android Phone you can also download most of the Windows 10 Apps you have on your computer and tablet too, including Cortana, Outlook Mail and Calendar, and OneDrive for managing and sharing your documents and photos, not to mention Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint if you subscribe already.)

You won’t have to upgrade again.  There are not going to be any more new versions of Windows.  Windows 10 will be continuously offered “as a service” that updates as you use it, as technology changes and new things are needed.  Best of all Windows 10 is already being developed according to feedback from its users.

#UpgradeYourWorld to #Windows10Devices

Are You Ready To Upgrade?

Contact me to discuss your requirements or concerns.

  1. Arrange a PREVIEW VISIT to talk things through further and for me to advise on your best options.
  2. (Optionally) Make a PURCHASING VISIT for me to accompany you to help you choose your new Windows 10 devices.
  3. Book a SET UP DAY for me to help you migrate your data and set up your new device and link it with your old ones. (Purchasing could be included on the same day, but please allow a full 12-14 hours to allow everything to be completed.  This may require a second visit if starting after midday.)
  4. Request TRAINING & SUPPORT to help you get the most out of Windows 10 and learn its differences from older versions of Windows or differences compared with other operating systems.

Here are my rates which are totally inclusive of time and travel:

Otherwise my standard rates for Dorset are £15.00/hour for up to 4 hours, £75 flat rate for between 4 and 6 hours, or £100 per full day.

Type of Visit


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Set Up (Full Day)




Training (flat rate for up to 6 hours)