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STMC Upgrade Help

No matter what technology you use, often within what seems to be a short period of time it will need upgrading.

When upgrading it is sensible to consider these things:

Some examples:

If you only currently use your computers for email and browsing the internet, do you really need a full size laptop or would a smaller tablet, hybrid (keyboard and detachable screen) or even just a smartphone do?

Do you need the full range of Office Software for writing letters, working with spreadsheets, making presentations, and do you really need business class email, or would something simpler and free be easier and simpler to use?

How much would you like to spend?  Maybe you just want to add more flexibility so a simple tablet or smartphone for under £100 would suffice, or perhaps you want a decent but reasonably priced computer for around £300-£400, or would you like to treat yourself to a top of the range machine for over £1,000?

Do you already use Apple iPads and iPhones?  Do you have a Google Android phone?  Have you always used Windows computers?  It really does make sense to keep your brands the same, particularly if you are an older person - you only have to learn what one set of buttons looks like or does if you stick to one brand, but in most cases you can set up devices to work across the different platforms.

It is now possible for you to have a Windows computer, tablet and smartphone, or an Apple computer (called a Mac or Macbook) or tablet (called an iPad) or phone (called an iPhone), or a Google computer (called a Chromebook) or tablet or smartphone (running the Android operating system.)

Microsoft, Apple and Google now make their own devices, and both Microsoft and Google licence other manufacturers to make devices that run their operating systems.  This is why there are only a few models of Apple devices, but there is a huge variety of different devices running both Windows (Microsoft) and Android/Chrome (Google) from other manufacturers including HP, Acer, Dell, Toshiba and many other unknown brands.

Currently it is only Windows 10 from Microsoft that provides just one operating system for all Windows Devices.  Apple use MacOS/OSX for their computers, and iOS for their smartphones and tablets, Google devices use either Chromium or Android.

For example a Windows 10 Mobile Phone operates in exactly the same way as a Windows 10 Tablet or Computer.  The icons all look the same, and ALL features are available across all devices (even printing.)  Just sign in with your Microsoft Account to synchronise emails, websites, apps, calendars, and other data across all your connected devices.

Also consider whether you need to be able to access the Internet on the move via a mobile signal.  Some tablets only connect via wireless internet from home or work systems, not via the mobile networks.

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Have you upgraded to Windows 10?
If you have just upgraded from Windows 7 or 8/8.1 to Windows 10 I can help you get the most out of your system, introducing you to using the Start Menu and its Live Tiles, finding Apps in the Windows Store, synchronising your Windows 10 devices so that you have the same content, contacts, Internet Favourites, and OneDrive cloud content across your Windows 10 computers, Windows 10 or Windows 8 Tablets, and Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile Phones, or other Apple and Android devices.

I can also assist with using the built in digital assistant called Cortana so you can talk  to your Windows 10 devices to search for things on the Internet, check weather or financial information, or check traffic and find directions. (If you have a Windows 10 Mobile phone you could plan your route on your PC or tablet at home using the Windows 10 Maps app, then go to your vehicle and open the same App on your phone and use the built in voice navigation (sat-nav.)

If you have bought a new Windows 10 computer I can help you set it up so that it works the way you like, configuring Edge Browser, email, contacts, your Microsoft Account, and configuring Apps you use for writing letters spreadsheets and presentations, such as Microsoft Office.

If you haven’t upgraded I can still advise on getting the most from Windows 7 or Windows Vista, or other Apple iOS or Android devices, and using Microsoft Apps on those devices to make your life simpler.

If you are considering buying a new Windows 10 device I can discuss your options with you, and if you live in Zones 1, or 2 of the area in which I operate, I can accompany you to make your purchase and then return home with you to set it up for a set fee.

I have also written some support guides that introduce Windows 10 and its features. These include:

Please contact me to buy these for £2.50 each or see our Free Help Bulletins that you can save and print.

Please use my Bookings & Enquiries page to make a booking or enquire further.

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