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Computer and Technology Care from Graham Hardy Formerly Swedos Computer & Tech Care See Tech More Clearly #Dorset #England

See Tech More Clearly
Formerly Swedos Computer and Technology Care)

Using technology should be simple, fun, and enable you to do things in life more easily. There are so many different devices now, it sometimes feels like you will never keep up. Perhaps you have a laptop or desktop computer, a tablet, and a smartphone or even a “dumb” phone for simply making and receiving calls and texting, but add to that a TV and perhaps a way of recording TV or downloading music and films and it can all get a little complicated.

Graham Hardy has spent the last 10 years assisting and helping a number of clients make the most out of their technology including helping with the understanding and use of computers, tablets and phones, as well as advising on options for the different options regarding TV in the UK.

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See Tech More Clearly offers the following services:

  1. Discuss your technical needs according to the technology you currently use and advise on options and upgrades available, and accompany you to purchase a new device, then set it up with you, and assist with upgrading to Windows 10
  2. Help you learn more about your technology and get the most from it, such as configuring your Microsoft, Apple, Google or Amazon account, removing software or programs you no longer use, or downloading new programs or apps to make your life easier, and configuring and assisting with using features such as OneDrive or iCloud to synchronise content across your devices or share photos easily without blocking your email client.
  3. Tweak your system so that it runs more smoothly, removing temporary clutter and defragmenting and optimising your hard drive so that data is stored more effectively, as well as advising on best practice to ensure your computer or devices stay up to date and safe.
  4. Provide online telephone or support over Skype, including remote assistance, to help you with any problems you may be facing.
  5. Meet you in person and sit with you to provide one to one support so that you can learn more about your technology and how to use it.
  6. Meet you in person to resolve security problems such as failing email or malware and virus infections.

Everything is based around the reasonable rate of £15.00 per hour, or set fees for half or full day periods based on time and location. Please contact STMC/Swedos today to make a booking or enquire further.

Personal visits are available often at short notice throughout Dorset and surrounding counties or I am happy to quote to provide services in other UK locations too.

Remote Assistance sessions via the Internet using Skype or temporary online chat services, as well as being able to view or control devices temporarily with permission are also available.  

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